Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not included in this list, please let us know here.

Q: How long does the development process take?

A: The development process varies in length depending on the scale of the project in question. As of May 2021, our average site delivery period is about three weeks after initiation.

Q: How much can I change about my site using weekly/monthly revisions?

A: Revisions are edits to content that has already been created/generated by our developers. If your pricing plan includes revisions, you may edit or shift any and/or all elements of your website.

Note: As long as additions are relatively small, we will sometimes allow new content generation to be implemented into your monthly revisions.

Q: Who provides what content?

A: Our clients are responsible for all proprietary content including text, images, logos, videos, and posters. We will provides all content outside intellectual property such as headers/footers, page layouts, tags, metadata, SEO keywords, privacy policies, and animations.

Q: How expensive is Waide compared to the average developer?

A: In 2020, the average website developer front charge was a little over $6,000 with a yearly upkeep of $1,000. Waide Studios exceeds industry standards while charging less than the average developer. Our focus is to uphold the quality and professionalism that comes with a high price tag. The average Waide Studios project comes with a $3,500 development fee and a monthly upkeep of $149.

Q: How does Waide do domain hosting?

A: If your venture already owns the intended domain, we will integrate with your domain provider (Host Gator, GoDaddy, Etc.), and connect your domain to your site once finished. If your project requires a new domain, our dedicated domain broker is ready to help you find the best possible domain for your project. Waide Studios uses GoDaddy for its own domain hosting.